Saibaba Seattle is a Non Profit Tax Exempt Organization with 501(C)(3) status. All the donations to Saibaba Seattle are Tax Deductible.

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Saibaba Seattle

Society and Communities, Philanthropy, Grants, Other, Religion and Spirituality EIN: 46-1077903 Redmond, WA

Saibaba Seattle/Preist Services at Saibaba Seattle:

Guru Bhiksha (251.00 USD)

Sai Annadanam (251.00 USD)

Sai Abhishekam (151.00 USD)

Sai Archana (21.00 USD)

Saibaba Dress offer (251.00 USD)

Garland (151.00 USD)

Vahana puja (51.00 USD)

Aksharabhyasam(At Home) (201.00 USD)

Aksharabhyasam(At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Gruha pravesham (401.00 USD)

Gruha pravesham&Homam&Vratham (451.00 USD)

Satya narayana swami vratam(At Home) (201.00 USD)

Satya narayana swami vratam(At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Nama karanam(At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Nama karanam(At Home) (201.00 USD)

Annaprasanam (At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Annaprasanam(At Home) (201.00 USD)

Samuhika Vratham(At Temple) (51.00 USD)

Kalyanam(Call temple office number 425-999-6350? for more info) (-)

Bhoomi Puja (301.00 USD)

Sudharshana Homam(At Temple) (301.00 USD)

Rudrabhishekam(At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Rudrabhishekam(At Home) (251.00 USD)

Paduka puja (At Temple) (151.00 USD)

Paduka puja (At Home) (201.00 USD)

Hanuman Aaku Pooja (51.00 USD)

Hanuman Vadamala (151.00 USD)

Hanuman Abhishekam (151.00 USD)

Officiating Wedding & Ring Exchange (301.00 USD)

Biksha sponsership (251.00 USD)

Hiranya Sradham (At Temple) (101.00 USD)

Hiranya Sradham (At Home) (151.00 USD)

Cultural event donation (10.00 USD)

Sree Yantra (251.00 USD)


Temple Construction Fund